“C is for cookie, it's good enough for me,
oh cookie cookie cookie starts with C.”

Cookie monster


If you have found this website you are probably in my social circle. That's great. You might even know that my name is Łukasz Kidziński and I'm a wannabe computer scientist from Poland. I'm working on my master's thesis right now which is the recommender system.

Contribute to scientific project - all I need is your 5 minutes

On this website I ask for your ratings of popular sweets. Then my systems predicts which sweets you would prefer from those which you don't know!

2 easy steps to help me:

Rate sweets

try to provide ratings for as much sweets as you can. If you haven't eaten given sweet then mark it that way because this information is also important.

Enjoy recommends

find out which new sweets you'd like. Enjoy them or not and give me feedback afterwards :)

What do I need?

In order to build reliable system I need at least:
500 users and about 10000 marks. But of course the more the better!

THIS GOAL WAS ACHIEVED SUCCESSFULLY! THANKS! The next step for even better recommendations and the dataset itself is 1000 users and 50000 marks

So far...

2102 / 1000 users contributed

44944 / 50000 ratings provided

Still not sure?

Read more in FAQ or contact me.

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